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From the anime adaption of Kotobukiya’s original spin-off series, “FRAME ARMS GIRL,” GOURAI-KAI Final Battle Ver. joins Kotobukiya’s lineup of model kits!

Included Parts:

  • Gourai-Kai “Frame Arms Girl Stylet” armor parts
  • “Frame Arms Girl Baselard” armor parts
  • M.S.G Weapon Unit 36 Missile & Radome x2
  • M.S.G Heavy Weapon Unit 03 Unite Sword
  • M.S.G Heavy Weapon Unit 12 Gun Blade Lance
  • 3 types of pre-painted face parts (looking right, looking forward, looking forward and shouting)
  • PVC hand parts (5 types of left and right hands)
  • Decals
  • Clear yellow version of Flying Base R

Product Specifications:

  • This model kit allows you to recreate Gourai-Kai in her final battle form with colored plastic in two shades of gold and one shade of clear yellow.
  • This model kit contains armor from the Frame Arms Girl Series’ Stylet and Baselard units and M.S.G weapon and heavy weapon units in order to recreate the final battle version of Gourai-Kai.
  • The kit includes lower back spacer parts in order to prevent the Baselard armor parts from blocking the movement of the legs.
  • The included parts allow you to build the model as either Gourai or Gourai-Kai (M.S.G Weapon Unit 18 Freelance Bazooka is not included).
  • You can change the direction of Gourai’s eyes using the interchangeable face parts.
  • The tank tread on the model’s foot can be moved into a grounded position.
  • The hands are made of PVC, allowing the model to hold MSG or Frame Arms weapons.
  • The arms and legs are equipped with 3mm holes making the model compatible with MSG and Frame Arms weapons.



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