KTFG002R3 Frame Arms Girl – Stylet Plastic Model Kit – Reproduction


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Kotobukiya original robot content “Frame Arms” spinout series “Frame Arms · Girl” the second is “Stillet”!
Yasuyuki Yanase Designed frame arms “SA-16 Stillet” by design, based on illustration that Mr. Fumikane Shimada turned into a girl!

[Product Details]
· 2 types of facial parts. There are 4 kinds of total of 3 kinds of “Image Illustrated Designed Design” and 1 kind of different design, “Smile Face Face Front”, “Smile Face Right Face”, “Scream Face Left Orientation”.
· Since the facial parts are already painted, it will be finished closer to the setting even just by assembling it.
· Japanese sword, Gatling gun, hand missile are included as attached weapons.
· 2 grips with convex shaft of 3 mm diameter used for holding MSG etc are included.
· 5 types of wrist made from PVC are included on each side.
· Left arm and left leg attached to image illustration can be reproduced. (Elbow and knee joints do not move.)
· Decals such as pupils and markings are included.
· The knee armor can slide the line of the leg part by sliding it.
· The skirt moves and the movable range of the leg increases.
– The wheel of the heel can move up and down, and the grounding property can be enhanced.
· The attached base can move the connecting part up and down.
· Combined use of existing MSG series and Frame Arms series by 3 mm diameter hole arranged in back, waist, calves etc is possible.

【About Frame Arms · Girl】 With
Frame Arms · Girl, it becomes a spin-out series which made each Kotobukiya original robot content “Frame Arms” a “beautiful girl”. With color-coded molded color and faceparts printed with tampon, you can complete it by just assembling without painting.
It is possible to use the MSG weapon unit series and weapons and exteriors of the Frame Arms series with the 3 mm diameter hole and the PVC wrist which are the features of the frame arm which are the features of the frame arm. Frame Arms / Girls to be released in the future Compatibility of heads, arms, legs, etc. with each aircraft is secured, Customized frame arm’s girls can be customized.

Pre-Order until 20 Aug 2017, Item will be in Q1 2018

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