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Megami Device - Magical Girl Darkness


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“Beautiful Girl x Mechanic” series “Megumi Device” 7.1!
The latest work is “Chaos & Pretty Magical Girl DARKNESS”! !

It is a prefabricated plastic model series that can be enjoyed by attaching weapons and armor to the movable girl body.
The body is “Machinika” by Maki Asai!
The 7.1th is a dark color version of Magical Girl. Mr. Aira is in charge of the designer!

[Accessories / Gimmick]
-In addition to the new molding color of dark color, abundant decals are newly included.
-Includes 3 types of painted face parts.
-“Armed mode” wearing armor with a magical girl motif and “elemental mode” with armor removed can be reproduced by replacing parts.
-Comes with two colors of hair parts. You can play by changing the body mode and armed mode.
・ Customability is greatly improved by abundant joint parts. In addition, you can play with a variety of combat scenes with clear molded effect parts.
・ With the amazing range of movement of the new body “Machinika”, the weapon poses and sitting poses are naturally natural.
-3mm diameter pins and holes placed in each part can be used in combination with existing MSG, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl, Hexa Gear Series armaments.
-Eye decals will be included as before.

[What is Megami Device]
This is a plastic model series that assumes a “near future battle hobby” that has a freestanding figure robot with a total height of 14cm and can be made to enjoy, remodel, and fight.
The leading figure of movable figures, Maki Asai, the new design body “Machinika”, will be the core of various designers character and mechanic.
Molded colors are color-coded, and the face is painted with tampo printing.
By adopting a 3mm diameter joint hole, you can play with a lot of Kotobukiapura model parts that have already been released as well as parts compatibility within the series.



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