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It is an assembly type plastic model series that enjoy wearing weapons and armor on movable girl element body.

The latest character to join the Megami Device line is SOL Strike Raptor!

The Megami Device line is a series of adorable model kits that use the base “machinika” body by Masaki Apsy and can be equipped with a variety of weapons, armor, and accessories for endless customization. The hit model kit series started its collaboration with the popular mobile game “Alice Gear Aegis” with a Megami Device adaptation of the game’s character Kaede Agatsuma, and now characters from the Megami Device series are joining the world of Alice Gear Aegis!

SOL Strike Raptor is an alternative version of the previously released SOL Raptor, and both characters are now playable in the game! The SOL Strike Raptor model kit includes a special download code for gear that can be used with SOL Strike Raptor or SOL Raptor in-game.

Product Specifications:

  • This full-package model kit includes base parts for SOL Raptor as well as added parts from the SOL Hornet kit, all with an updated color scheme and decal designs.
  • The kit comes with hair parts from SOL Hornet, allowing you to change the model’s hairstyle (kit does not include SOL Hornet face parts).
  • The kit includes newly redesigned decals for the eyes and other markings.
  • The kit includes three interchangeable pre-painted face parts.
  • The model can be built with her aerial armor for “Armed Mode,” or without for “Unarmed Mode.”
  • The kit includes a variety of interchangeable wing parts that can be used to create different poses and combat scenes.
  • Some of the armor parts can be combined to create a miniature horned owl mech.
  • The “Machinika” body base boasts an impressive range of flexibility, allowing it to be displayed in a variety of natural poses.
  • The model is equipped with several 3mm connection points, making it compatible with existing M.S.G, Frame Arms, and Frame Arms Girl weapons and armor.

*** This is a pre-order item and will release in Q2 2019***


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