Megami Device x Busou Shinki – Jaeger Type Edelweiss Plastic Model Kit


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Collaboration of the new game “Armed Shinki” and “Megami Device”!

We will plasticize the character of the new game “Armed Shinki”, still wrapped in a mysterious veil, with Megami device specifications!
The first collaboration is “Hunting Edelweiss”, one of the main characters. Shimada Fumikane is in charge of the designer!
“Megami device” is an assembling model plastic model series to enjoy wearing a weapon and armor to a movable beautiful girl body.
The body adopts “Mashinika” by Maki Asai!

[Accessory / Gimmick]
· Parts configuration of the Megami device standard, joint gimmick, can replace the existing Megami device and many parts and play.
-Three pre-painted look parts are included.
・ We can reproduce “armed mode” equipped with exclusive arming and “body mode” which took off arm by parts replacement.
-A variety of weapons are included, such as rifles, swords, and rear arms. You can play assuming a variety of combat scenes.
・ The weapon holding pose and sitting pose are natural in the amazing range of movement of the new body “Mashinika”.
・ With 3mm diameter holes arranged in each part, it can be used in combination with the existing MSG series, frame arms, frame arms · girl series, and hexa gear series.
-Eye, markings and other decals are included.

** Pre-Order item, will be in stock Q2 2019**


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