V.F.G. VF-31A Kairos


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The VF-31A Kairos from “Maross Delta” joins the Variable Fighter Girl (V.F.G.) kit lineup from Aoshima!  Fully transformable between Gerwalk, Fighter and Battroid forms with some parts replacement, this little sweetie features cat ears and tail, short hair that’s swept over one eye (on one of her four alternate facial expressions, it’s brushed aside so you can see her mismatched eyes!), and full articulation for action poses! The range of movement of her arms has been improved, too, and she’s equipped with an anti-aircraft laser. She snaps together so you don’t need glue, and while she’s molded in color so you don’t need to paint her, you can add paint to make her even more spectacular! She’ll be about 20.5cm long in Fighter mode; the figure is about 15.5cm tall.  Get yours today!


**Pre-order! Item will be release in Dec 2018**


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