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The concept for the latest “Gigantic Arms” kit is “The Ultimate Gigantic Arms Combination.”

Gigantic Arms Order Cradle is the first “Core Unit” in a line of Gigantic Arms kits that can be made to create an impressive range of combinations.

The model is equipped with a universal cockpit that is compatible with 150mm models such as Frame Arms Girl. The seat back can be adjusted, making the kit compatible with a variety of character models. The cockpit is included with a variety of equipment, such as weapon tracers and a keyboard that can be used by the pilot to operate the unit’s weapons and other function. Combined with separately sold M.S.G. kits, Order Cradle is perfect for recreating scenes from your favorite game or anime!


 Order Cradle can be configured into two modes: “Operation Mode,” where the model is equipped for strategic battles with sensors and radomes, and “Live Mode,” where the model is equipped with a keyboard and drum kit for musical performances.
 The front cover and top cover of the cockpit can be opened separately. The “face unit” of the top cover can open and close, allowing users to show the face of the model inside. When the left and right covers of the face unit are extended, the clear “power amp” parts are visible.
 The “Operation Blocks” on either side of the cockpit can be extended, and the clear console can be opened and closed. One side of the keyboard resembles a computer keyboard for “Operation Mode,” while the other side resembles a piano keyboard for “Live Mode.”
 The weapon tracers have multiple points of articulation, allowing you to recreate scenes where the character inside the cockpit is controlling the model.
 The back rest of the cockpit seat is adjustable, making it compatible with a variety of different character models.
 The arms of the “Oversized Dome” are equipped with 5mm connection points, making them compatible with separately sold Gigantic Arms and Hexa Gear kits. In “Live Mode” the parts can be used as a drum kit.
 The “Tri-Sensor” can be extended or stowed, and can be used as a small drum pad in “Live Mode.”
 The moveable foot pedals below the cockpit seat are equipped with 3mm connection points, making them compatible with a variety of other kits.
 The kit utilizes the Hexa Gear series’ HEXA G-R.A.M. system, allowing for a wide range of customizations.
 The round base can be broken down and used as armor.


Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 33 × 16 cm


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