KP674 TAKEMIKADUCHI Type-00R The IRG’s 16th Battalion Commander


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From Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse, TAKEMIKADUCHI Type-00R The IRG’s 16th Battalion Commander, the Type-00 Tactical Surface Fighter of the Japanese Imperial Royal Guard, is updated into Ver.1.5 in NON-scale to rejoin Kotobukiya’s model kit series!

The model incorporates the same color scheme as the 1/144 scale version, with the eyes and illuminated areas recreated with clear parts. As the other parts of this unit also come pre-painted, TAKEMIKADUCHI Type-00R The IRG’s 16th Battalion Commander can be recreated just by assembling the model.

・The pattern on the head is recreated using pre-painted parts.
・The Type-87 Assault Cannon and Type-74 PB Blade have been updated and are the same type as those included with TAKEMIKADUCHI TYPE-00R Ver.1.5.
・The Assault Cannon has two magazines that can be removed and assembled into a Support Assault Cannon.
・The Type-00 Close Combat Dagger can be deployed by swapping out parts. It can be deployed from either the wrist or the elbow, just like in the series.
・The hip joints are redesigned with a multi-axis joint, ensuring the durability and range of movement of the model. Furthermore, the addition of a roll joint in the thighs accommodates a wider range of expressive poses.
・The elbow joints and Mount Pylons are now articulated to accommodate rear-attack poses, allowing for four Assault Cannons to be used to recreate rear-attack poses.
・Hand parts for each side include: A closed fist, open hand, weapon holding hand, blade holding hand (shallow and deep grip), allowing for a variety of expressive poses.

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