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After appearing in a uniform, Madoka Yuki now makes a lively appearance in a swimsuit fit for summer♪

She wears a cute pink bikini with polka-dots and frills which is one of her favorite designs.

The balance of proportions for this model has been renewed and rollable movement added to the thigh joints to enable lively beachside poses♪

In combination with the fixed arm parts and the bare feet parts, a wide variety of poses can be achieved.

The specially designed body allows Madoka to sit hugging her knees, which creates a charming scene if she is placed on a desk.

Product Highlights!
[Body for Sitting While Hugging Knees]
The number one highlight of this product is the specially designed body that enables Madoka to sit hugging her knees. It was designed with the image of Madoka relaxing and sitting on the beach in mind. The pose brings out a new expression that was not possible in her uniform style.

[Fixed Arm Parts]
The fixed arm parts with straight elbows were designed to focus more on appearance so users can enjoy the beautiful sculpt. Combine with the articulated arm parts to enjoy creating a variety of poses.

[Pre-Painted Parts]
The swimsuit shoulder straps, pink polka-dot pattern, and sandals are all pre-painted! The polka-dot pattern is pre-painted even on the body for sitting while hugging the knees, so just assembling the model kit will result in a product close to the character model for users to enjoy!

[Bare Feet Parts]
This kit includes a total of 3 different types of bare feet parts! In addition to feet for simply standing, feet with toes curled and feet with toes lifted are also included to expand the range of posing options.

[Newly Sculpted Hand Parts]
A new set of hand parts for a cheerful peace sign fitting Madoka’s personality is included along with the 7 types from her summer clothes model kit.

[Sunflower Hair Accessory]
The hairpin that was a part of her bangs in her uniform style has been changed to a yellow sunflower-shaped hair accessory. This part requires painting.

The scrunchie for her ponytail is sculpted in clear purple with glitter that sparkles beautifully.

[Clear Blue Display Base]
The display base is of a clear blue coloring inspired by a waterfront setting.

Included Items:
1. Madoka Yuki Model x1 Set
2. 3 Hairstyles: Long Hair, Ponytail, and Twintail (Regular) x1 Set Each
3. Face Parts (Pre-Painted): Winking, Grinning, Serious, Smiling (Mouth Open) x1 Each
4. Face Parts (Unpainted): Winking, Grinning, Serious, Smiling (Mouth Open) x1 Each
5. 8 Types of Hand Parts: Peace Sign, Holding (Standard), Holding (Narrow), Holding (Wide), Holding (Round), Closed, Pointing, Open x1 Each
6. Body for Sitting While Hugging Knees x1 Set
7. Fixed Arm Parts x1 Set (Left and Right)
8. 6mm Diameter Neck Part for Megami Device x 1
9. Display Base x1 Set
10. Decals x1 Sheet


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Dimensions 31 × 19 × 8.5 cm


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