Megami Device – Asura Archer Aoi Version

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It is an assembly type plastic model series that enjoy wearing weapons and armor on movable girl element body.
Adopted a new design element “Machinika” by Mr. Maki Asai!
And the designer is in charge of Nidy – 2 D -!

【Accessories / Gimmick】
· New hairstyle is reproduced with additional mold. The regular hair style is also attached with a new molding color.
· Bare hands, barefoot state can be reproduced by replacing parts.
· Reproduce new setting picture with new molding color. The blade part becomes a clear pink molding color.
– Three painted face parts are included.
· You can reproduce “armored mode” wearing armor with archer as a motif and “elementary mode” removed armor with part replacement.
· There is a gimmick that combines ‘uraru ninja’ and armor, ‘Samurai mode’ equipped with a sword.
· With the amazing movable range of the new body “Machinika”, weapon-oriented poses and sitting poses naturally blur.
· Various weapon parts such as large bow and large sword are attached. You can play with various combat scenes assumed.
· It can be used with arms of existing MSG series, frame arm, frame arm and girl series by 3 mm diameter hole arranged in each part.
· 5 types of PVC wrists are included on each side. It is possible to have arms of existing MSG series, Frame Arms, Frame Arms · Girl series.
· Decals such as pupils and markings are included.



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