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It is an assembly type plastic model series that enjoy wearing weapons and armor on movable girl element body.
Adopted the design element “Masonica” by Mr. Maki Asai. Mr. Kurosaka Mr. White & Designer Yasuyuki Yanase is in charge of the designer!
And, a popular dedicated gear set gift code that SOL Raptor can use is attached at the popular smartphone game application “Alice Gear · Aegis”!

[Accessories / Gimmick]
· SOL Raptor comes with a special gift set code that can be used at “Alice Gear · Aegis”.
· Mixed two arms of the existing SOL series, and added a new armed part for raptor, it is a volume full reinforced type product.
· The head was newly set for this product, and it made a new one. It features a long triple ponytail.
· Starting with marking new designs, decals such as eyes are attached.
· 3 types of painted face parts are included per character.
· “Armed mode” wearing armor with aircraft motif and “elementary mode” removed armor can be reproduced with parts replaced.
– Several kinds of wing parts are attached, each can be detached, so you can play with various combat scenes assumed.
· Some armor parts can be recombined into a wormwood type mechanism.
· With the amazing movable range of “Machinika”, weapon-standing poses and sitting poses naturally blur.
· It is possible to use it with arms of existing MSG series, frame arm, Frame Arms · Girl Hexagia series by 3 mm diameter hole arranged in each part.

【Megami Devices】
This is a plastic model series which supposed the “near future future battle hobby” which can be made to make a plastic model to enjoy, remodel, and fight as a standalone figure robot with an overall height of 14 cm exists.
Mr. Maki Asai, a leading figure in mobile figures Mr. Masaki Asai will be the core designer of the new design elementary “Machinika”, and various designers will deal with characters & mechanics.
Molded colors are color-coded, the face has been painted by damping, and just assembled will result in a finish close to the image.
By adopting a 3 mm diameter joint hole, you can play with many of Kotobukiya plastic model parts already released, as well as part compatibility




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Dimensions 31 × 19 × 14 cm


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